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A Nonprofit-Educational Organization dedicated to the advancement of global exploration, documentation, preservation and research.

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The Adventurer Foundation was established in the year 1999. This foundation is a non-profit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the California Non-Profit Public Corporation Law for charitable and public purposes, of section 501(C) (3) of the internal Revenue Code of 1954. The Adventurer Foundation is dedicated to the support and advancement of Global Exploration through the documentation, preservation and research process. This Foundation is supporting and promoting the education of new generations in their quest for Global Adventuring and exploration. Our goal and effort is to provide the support to individuals and organizations involved in that quest. This Foundation peruses many different avenues of fund raising such as, but not limited to, grant writing, bequests, special fundraising events, donations and corporate sponsorship. All contributions and donations are fully tax deductible. The Adventurer Foundation is planning several events and activities and we invite you to become part of this noble quest. All contact information can be found in detail on our current web page ( By checking the various options available in the above menu bar, you will find all necessary information. On our web site you will also be able to check out our past activities and projects.

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The Adventurer Foundation has ambitious global plans for the future, but currently is focusing its effort and resources to building schools in remote areas of Cambodia. Check out our Current Activities and Projects:

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